Heisu Research Institute

General Medicine

In Heisu Research Group we have DR. Gonzalo Gonzalez Internal Medicine, Board Certified helping patient with chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 with neuropathy, COPD, Dermatitis Chronic, Hypertension, Asthma and more…

We have laboratory technicians to help you to do your laboratories without so much waiting because in our center we understand that a prompt diagnosis can give you peace of mind and both physical and mental stability.Once we obtain the laboratory results, Dr. Gonzalo will discuss with you the best option and treatment for your speedy recovery.

Dr Gonzalo has a Fellowship in Cardiology, Endocrinology and Dermatology. We have testimonials from patients who have been treated with Dr. Gonzalo and have been able to achieve a speedy recovery, dermatological (skin problems such as facial redness, spots), poor control of diabetes or thyroid problems. If you have any of these conditions and you have not been able to find an answer or better results, call us and make a free consultation so that we can help you and provide you with better care.